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Create a New Future Home Page

Create a New Future

This site was created for a career counselor. Though a small web site, it is still very effective in presenting a clear path to solidifying career goals and ambitions and how she can help.

Awakening Interface

The Awakening

This was an independent project that a few of my friends and I were working on. This was to be a MMORPG set in a future earth. The initial game mechanics and story were fairly well hashed out. We then began working on an engine and I began to develop […]

Hive Outer View

Unreal 2004 Custom Level – Hive II

Hive II is a fun little Deathmatch level I created. Inspired by interesting geometric shapes, I ended up making a structure evocative of a helix. It is easy to get turned around on this level which gives it a bit more of a challenge. The metal structure is held by […]

Thanks For Stopping By

Welcome to my online portfolio. This site is dedicated to showcasing all the various work that I have done. I have a broad range of experience in the graphic design field. My main passion is in video game design and animation. I am also very experienced in web site creation […]