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WordPress Update Services List 200+ Ping Services

If you have a WordPress blog and website, you need to be able to have people find it on the internet. There are a million different things you can do to drive traffic to your web site but few are as easy as making sure that the blog servivces out on the internet are aware of your blog. Not only do these blog services need to know your blog exists, they also need to know when and what you publish on your website. One of the first steps to accomplishing this is to make sure that your WordPress settings are set up so that your WpordPress blog will announce new content. WordPress has a setting that you can just add the URL’s of these updating services and WordPress will handle the rest. Some hosts may not support pinging your blog. If this is the case, get another web hosting provider. I recommend FatCow > Host your Web site with FatCow!.

How To Use the WordPress Update Services List

  1. Go to the Admin panel in your WordPress website.
  2. Open Settings in the WordPress Admin menu.
  3. Select Writing in the WordPress Admin menu.
  4. Go down to the bottom of the WordPress writing settings page and you will see a section titled Update Services.
  5. Copy the WordPress Update Service List below. (Control+C)
  6. Paste the WordPress Update Service List into the box for the Update Services. (Control+V) Make sure there is one URL per line or the WordPress Update Service will not work correctly.
  7. Make sure to save your save your settings in WordPress.

It’s as easy as that to update your WordPress Update Services. Now, whenever you post something new on your WordPress website all of these services will be pinged with the changes to your website. This can increase your website traffic quite a bit in some cases.

Here is a WordPress Update Services List I have compiled from about a dozen “comprehensive” lists that all were missing some update services or another.

WordPress Update Services List


If there are any services you know about that are not on this list please post them below and I will get them added ASAP.

Good luck blogging with WordPress!

DDM’s Realm Game Database

This is one of the hobby sites that I run. This website is dedicated to the Massively Multi-player Online Role-playing game (MMORPG) Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Since games are one of my passions I decided to build a database of all the items and quests within Dungeons and Dragons Online. Thus gives players the ability to search for and find related quests and items. DDM’s Realm has turned into a very popular site for the game.

I strive to keep DDM’s Realm the most complete source of information available on the Internet. It pulls data from other sites and sources and is kept up-to-date by manual verification of game data.


Project Management Website

This is a website I created to serve as a hub to track projects, websites and tasks pending on all current projects. The design was kept simple for ease of use. The functionality of this site was powered by a back-end database enhanced with logic imbedded in the code behind for the web site. 

Technologies Used:

  • C#
  • cPanel
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • WordPress

The Many Faces of Image Innovations

Image Innovations LLC is my company for freelance design and consulting. Over the years it has had many different designs. Here are a few of those:

Image Innovations LLCThis was the HTML website for my home business. This business is focused on creating web sites and other media for the small business.

Image Innovations LLCThis is the alternate site I created for my home business that was strictly a Flash site. This site had a lot more flair to it and was much more interesting to browse. There was always something going on in every page.

Image Innovations LLC Home PageImage Innovations LLCHere are a couple CSS-based designs I used for awhile. One used some flash to add some interesting elements to the layout.

Discollector Site

This is a site I created for a small CD reselling company. They specialized in rare and collectable CD’s. The site had a basic, easy-to-navigate design.

CD Collection Website

Silent Shadow

This is a site I created for the guild Silent Shadow in the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), Everquest. It was the common meeting ground for all members of the guild to exchange ideas and plan events.

Silent Shadow Guild Site

DSS eCommerce

Diesel Generator WebsiteI created this site while employed as the webmaster for this company. They built and reconditioned very large diesel engines for large machines and generators. I built a database for this site to track their entire inventory and to keep track of prices.

Diesel Generator WebsiteHere is what the main inventory area looked like. The inventory was listed in a summary format. If the customer was interested in something they could click on the item itself and it would take you to a page with more information and several pictures of the item. An example of this detail screen is below.

Diesel Generator WebsiteHere is the detail view of a particular item. This gives the customer more information about the item. One more step of detail is available by clicking on the picture popup window.

Create a New Future

This site was created for a career counselor. Though a small web site, it is still very effective in presenting a clear path to solidifying career goals and ambitions and how she can help.

Create a New Future