Discollector Site

This is a site I created for a small CD reselling company. They specialized in rare and collectable CD’s. The site had a basic, easy-to-navigate design.

CD Collection Website

Silent Shadow

This is a site I created for the guild Silent Shadow in the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), Everquest. It was the common meeting ground for all members of the guild to exchange ideas and plan events.

Silent Shadow Guild Site

DSS eCommerce

Diesel Generator WebsiteI created this site while employed as the webmaster for this company. They built and reconditioned very large diesel engines for large machines and generators. I built a database for this site to track their entire inventory and to keep track of prices.

Diesel Generator WebsiteHere is what the main inventory area looked like. The inventory was listed in a summary format. If the customer was interested in something they could click on the item itself and it would take you to a page with more information and several pictures of the item. An example of this detail screen is below.

Diesel Generator WebsiteHere is the detail view of a particular item. This gives the customer more information about the item. One more step of detail is available by clicking on the picture popup window.

Create a New Future

This site was created for a career counselor. Though a small web site, it is still very effective in presenting a clear path to solidifying career goals and ambitions and how she can help.

Create a New Future


The Awakening

awakening_titleThis was an independent project that a few of my friends and I were working on. This was to be a MMORPG set in a future earth. The initial game mechanics and story were fairly well hashed out. We then began working on an engine and I began to develop the graphics. We were able to get the basic design as well as get the prototype GUI designed. Here are a few shots from that project.

Unfortunately the project fell through as some of the design team had to move on to other projects but it was a great experience and helped me learn the depth of game design and what it takes to make one.

We were using Bryce 3D to create and quickly model many of the outside terrains and locations. With its built in tools for creating landscapes, it was quick and easy to create the look and feel of the game. awakening_terrain
The prototype UI was created as an initial interface for the game. Power and abilities were listed at the side bars with more vital character information below. Each UI element could slide off the screen to give players a better view of the area. awakening_interface

Unreal 2004 Custom Level – Hive II

Unreal Level ~ Hive ~
Hive II is a fun little Deathmatch level I created. Inspired by interesting geometric shapes, I ended up making a structure evocative of a helix. It is easy to get turned around on this level which gives it a bit more of a challenge. The metal structure is held by anti-gravity beams and players who are not careful may fall off the platform into the molten pool below. A fun map to play, it really tests your aerial skills jumping from platform to cat walk. This map is designed for 2 to 8 players and can be very intense.

This is a side view of the level from one of the anit-gravity beams. This is even with the main level and widest part of the map. hiveii_center
This is an overall screen shot of the entire level showing the networks of catwalks and platforms. hiveii_full
This is a screen shot of the lower section of the map where a narrow catwalk follows the outer perimeter of the Hive II. You can see the molten ore below, which means instant death for any that fall in. hiveii_lower
Here is a view of the sniper roosts on the top of Hive II. The angles of the catwalks makes hitting your targets difficult. hiveii_sniper

If you are interested in giving this map a try (the only way to really check out a map) please take a moment and read the readme.txt and feel free to download this map. If you would like to contact me regarding this map please feel free to email me.

Here is a look at the whole network of walkways that make up the level.

Thanks For Stopping By

Welcome to my online portfolio. This site is dedicated to showcasing all the various work that I have done. I have a broad range of experience in the graphic design field. My main passion is in video game design and animation. I am also very experienced in web site creation as well as company imagery.

Please feel free to look around and see what you think. I welcome all feedback on my work.

I hope you enjoy what you see and play. In the Game Design section I have several things that I have designed and you are welcome to test them out.

Check back frequently as there will be many additions and modifications to this site as time goes by.

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