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Kickstarter for FyxtRPG.com

I am throwing up this quick post to ask for support on a Kickstarter for on of the websites I have built. Check out the Kickstarter for all of the details. Thanks!

Server Upgrade Kickstarter for FyxtRPG.com

As the Fyxt RPG grows, it needs to be moved to a large and powerful dedicated managed server. Since the Fyxt RPG does all the calculations and storing of game data, it is very important to utilize a server that can handle a lot of traffic and backend calculations. This is the primary reason for the Kickstarter. FyxtRPG.com needs to move from servers that cost hundreds of dollars a year to servers that cost thousands of dollars a year. We also need to ensure the website is up and available 24/7, so we need technical support to troubleshoot any server issues and bring the site back online as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your support and for sharing this Kickstarter!

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