Customized Accounting Plugin for WordPress


I originally reached out to Image Innovations LLC to assist in building a web-based alternative to poor reporting and inconsistent formatting produced by our accounting system, as well, address the inability to access the accounting system remotely. Troy Whitney, with Image Innovations LLC., listened to my needs and was able to quickly design a web-based database solution that captured the exact data needed for accurate accounting from anywhere with internet access. Security was also key and was directly addressed and built into the system to ensure that the data remains protected even though it is a web based tool. Image Innovations LLC designed a tool that produces the exactly formatted reporting required to directly upload into state agencies for legally required submissions and provide the security to protect the data and our donors.

Subsequent to the development of the original tool, as needs our needs evolved and further requirements came into focus, Troy was able to listen and build exactly what is needed to tailor the system to our exact specifications in real time. I would recommend Image Innovations LLC. to anyone that requires web-based systems specific solutions for your business or not-for-profit.    

Sean D. McKee

Treasurer – El Paso County Democratic Party

332 W Bijou St.

Colorado Springs, CO 80919