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There are a handful of things that cause this to happen. It can be a nightmare to track down and it will totally mess up your styling. Causes WordPress itself, page builders, and plugins. So, pretty much anything. Go through the standard diagnosis of turning off themes and plugins. Hopefully […]

How to do Domain Mapping without a Plugin

This is totally taken from: I just want to preserve it because it is good stuff! Howto: Domain Mapping without a Plugin – Instructions cleanteam (@cleanteam)3 years agoyes, it works natively without instructions, and here is what you need to know to make it work:recent versions (as of WP 4.x) […]

WordPress Cron Can Kill a Website

I have run into this several times now so I thought I would write a quick article on it. It seems that WordPress’s cron really mess up a website.  Too many cron events will slow down your website. It can even cause timeout errors and out of memory issues. What […]

Avoid Google SERP Penalty Make Sure Website is Mobile Friendly

Google is rolling out some changes this week that are going to penalize websites that are not mobile ready. It’s rare that they warn about upcoming changes so I think it is safe to assume that if your website is not mobile ready, according to Google, that you may experience […]