We offer a wide variety of designer services for the small business professional as well as personal web sites for friends and family. Explanations of our most popular services can be found below. Please feel free to contact us to discuss related services that are not listed. There are many facets to the design world and we would love to take care of those needs for you.

Web Site Development


This basic and usually simple web site gives information about your company. It can include your experience, your awards, or just display a detailed explanation about what your company does. Oftentimes, this type of web site gives potential clients and customers enough information to select your company.


This type of web site is somewhat expanded from a basic informational web site. This site has all the same properties as an informational type, but may also include such extras as current specials, deals and seasonal types of services. This type of web site is very suitable for service-based companies.


This is a great place to have a more personal interaction with your audience and post things frequently that relates to your website.

Custom Application

Need a website to do something specific? Application design can customize your website to do just about anything you would like it to.

Database Creation and Optimization

Almost everything today is run off a background database. These databases can be tricky to create and maintain. Having a optimized and efficient database will help your website or application run faster, more efficiently, and ultimately provide a better experience for you and your customers. 


Having the convenience of a customized portfolio and resume on the internet makes job hunting easier. Potential employers have instant access to an up-to-date and expanded resume.


A site of this nature establishes a web presence for yourself. Sharing experiences, pictures, family updates, or simply a place on the internet where family and friends can go to learn about you.


This type of web site is great for selling products on the internet. These types of web sites are widely used and have proven very effective in getting company products to customers. E-Commerce sites can be very large and most have interactive databases that inventory and track your products.

 Company Imagery


Company logos are an incredibly important part of any business. They are what quickly identifies your company from your competitor. A company logo should represent your company at a single glance.

Business Cards

Business cards are a great way to leave a potential client or customer with your contact information. Business cards can also be used for advertising, or briefly explaining services.


Take your company to the next level with a coordinated web site, logo and letterhead. Having a full and developed company image helps to pull together all aspects of your business from the letters that are sent to their visit to your store to looking at your products on the internet.

New Media


Banners are used throughout the internet as an excellent way to draw customers to your web site. This is a great way to get targeted advertising for your company.

3D Animation

Image Innovations LLC also offers full 3D animation services. From small animated logos to larger-scale animations for commercials or web ads.

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