The Awakening

awakening_titleThis was an independent project that a few of my friends and I were working on. This was to be a MMORPG set in a future earth. The initial game mechanics and story were fairly well hashed out. We then began working on an engine and I began to develop the graphics. We were able to get the basic design as well as get the prototype GUI designed. Here are a few shots from that project.

Unfortunately the project fell through as some of the design team had to move on to other projects but it was a great experience and helped me learn the depth of game design and what it takes to make one.

We were using Bryce 3D to create and quickly model many of the outside terrains and locations. With its built in tools for creating landscapes, it was quick and easy to create the look and feel of the game. awakening_terrain
The prototype UI was created as an initial interface for the game. Power and abilities were listed at the side bars with more vital character information below. Each UI element could slide off the screen to give players a better view of the area. awakening_interface